Nero Knoxville Facebook Page


NeroKnoxville is a Nero International Chapter based in Knoxville,Tn
OurGoal is to grow a player base and representing the Knoxville and surrounding areas of Tennessee!
We are in our infancy but that gives you the player a chance to grow with us ,as we continually strive for full immersion gaming .

Wanna get more more involved?Join staff,donate ,help promote ,you can earn goblin,event discounts and much more!!!


Q: Im Interested!!!! Now What??

A: 1. Visit Nero International to answer all of your questions pertaining to the game membership ,download the rulebook and become a NERO member!!

2. Come join the fun on our facebook ,as well as join us at our events! Have Fun!!!


Q.When are your events?

We dont officially open until 2014.We are doing meet and greets and demos until then to gather our player base!!Check the facebook page for updates!!!

Our goal is to begin the season in march and run day events every six weeks building up to our halloween grand opening weekender in 2014!!!